Sermons by: Exodus

Dec 03, 2017

A Greater Exodus

What a journey it has been to travel together through the study of...

Nov 19, 2017

The Priesthood

God’s Blueprint for the Coming of Christ: My first encounter with a...

Nov 12, 2017

The Tabernacle

What is the most impressive building you have ever seen; perhaps the...

Nov 05, 2017

Commandments 5-10

Many of us are familiar with the 10 Commandments, but sometimes our...

Oct 29, 2017

Commandments 1-4

We live in a post-postmodern world where we struggle over core moral...

Oct 22, 2017


God’s salvation is a journey. It begins in being set free from bondage...

Oct 15, 2017


The book of Exodus is a story of God’s salvation. It is also a story of...

Oct 08, 2017


At this point in our study of Exodus, God’s people are holding on to...