Personal Discipleship Plan

At Briarcliff Church, we belive being a disciple and making disciples is an all-of-life activity.

Personal Discipleship Plan

Being a follower of Jesus Christ is not a component or part of our life. It defines our life. Being a disciple and making disciples is an all-of-life activity. Discipleship includes consistently seeking …

To encourage people toward the grace of Jesus.
To encourage people to grow in Jesus.
Encouragement from others to become more like Jesus.

Being a disciple is not a second-stage of Christianity. Followers of Jesus make disciples. There is only obedience and disobedience. As Christians committed to pursuing discipleship, our desire should be to intentionally grow together as disciples of Jesus Christ.  To better determine how to grow, we must first be honest about our current reality.  We must ask the questions, "What type of disciple am I today?" and, "How can I grow as a disciple?" The tools below will help us identify areas of strength and growth and are oriented around 3 categories:

  • Character: The overall qualities and characteristics that define us.  The credibility of the gospel depends on the character of the Christian community (Matthew 5:13-16 and John 13:35).
  • Competence: This category focuses on various aspects of knowledge and skill.  As disciples, we desire to grow in Biblical knowledge and skill of the the purposes of evangelism and  building up others (2 Timothy 3:16, 1 Peter 3:15).
  • Compatibility: This category has to do with the vision, values, and mission of our church.  Being a disciple means taking ownership of our mission.

Next Steps

If you have any questions or need assistance with your Personal Discipleship Plan, please contact us.

1. Take the Discipleship Inventory
  • Open the online Personal Discipleship Plan (PDP) Inventory by clicking on the green "PDP Inventory" button below.
  • The inventory can be completed right on your computer screen by clicking in the appropriate circle for each statement or question.
  • Instructions for how to print and submit your inventory can be found at the bottom of your open inventory.
  • Please note that all submissions are entirely anonymous. As a church, we are collecting the anonymous responses to help us gain understanding in how we can move forward in discipleship at Briarcliff. 

PDP  Inventory

2.  Set Goals to Help You Grow as a Disciple 
  • After you have completed and printed the online PDP Inventory, come back to this webpage and open your goal sheet by clicking on the green "Goal Sheet" button below.
  • Use your responses from the inventory to complete your personal goal sheet.
  • Directions for how to download, complete, save and print your goal sheet can be found at the top of the goal sheet.


3.  Find Resources to Help You Grow as a Disciple and Achieve Your Goals
  • After you have completed your inventory and written your goals for the year, return to this page and refer to the helpful resources below.
  • In coordination with the inventory, the resources are oriented around the same three categories.
  • The resources in each category are listed under separate tabs.  To view the resources in each category, click on the tab headings; Character, Competence, and Compatibility.




The Personal Discipleship Plan was developed from the  copyrighted work of Coram Deo Church and Gospel Resource Network.  Modified and used with permission.