Discipleship Journal

Using your discipleship journal will help you reflect and interact with scripture and is a place to record and refer to your personal discipleship goals.

Our prayer for one another at Briarcliff Church is that we may experience the joy purposed by God that comes from pursuing Jesus with others. As a tangible gift of encouragement, we invite you to utilize your discipleship journal in the following ways:

Interacting with scripture

The Bible promises transformation like nothing else in our world. Isaiah 55 tells us that God's word is where we find promise, nourishment and transformation. The joy and peace of our Lord awaits us.

With such a promise, let us never forsake encouraging one another to interact with and discuss God's word. Open the front cover of your journal and write three questions to lead you in interaction with your daily Bible reading:

  1. What does this passage tell you about the character and nature of God?
  2. What does this passage tell you about yourself?
  3. What questions do you have about this passage?

Additional resources for studying the Bible:

discipleship Goals

Followers of Jesus know that they are called to make disciples. The question we must keep in front of us is, "by God's grace, what kind of disciple am I today?" If you have followed the steps to create your Personal Discipleship Plan, list the 2-3 goals you created on the first page of your Discipleship Journal. Our discipleship goals represent God's hand of grace and growth in our lives. Listing your goals will help you keep them top-of-mind as you read, pray and interact with scripture.

If you would like to create a Personal Discipleship Plan of your own, please click here to begin.