The Gospel of Mark


The Gospel of Mark presents Jesus as the King over all things and the suffering savior of his people. It is the story of the world and how we fit into it. Our identity and purpose is most clearly understood through a careful and direct look at the story of Jesus. 

Overview Videos


Reading plan & Study Guides- Part 1


Aug 19-25

  Mark 1:1
 The Beginning
 Study Guide 1

Aug 26-Sept 1

  Mark 1:2-13
 The Good News
 Study Guide 2

Sept 2-8

 Mark 1:14-28
 Kingdom of God
 Study Guide 3

Sept 9-15

 Mark 1:29-45
 The Heart of Jesus
 Study Guide 4

Sept 23-29

 Mark 2:13-17
 Jesus is Calling
 Study Guide 6

Sept 30-Oct 6

 Mark 2:18-22
 Follow Jesus
 Study Guide 7

Oct 7-13

 Mark 2:23-3:6
 The Sabbath
 Study Guide 8

Oct 14-20

 Mark 3:7-19
 Call of Jesus
 Study Guide 9

Oct 21-27

 Mark 3:20-30
 Choices About Jesus
 Study Guide 10

Oct 28 - Nov 3

 Mark 4:1-20
 Hearing God
 Study Guide 11

Nov 4-10

 Mark 4:21-34
 His Kingdom
 Study Guide 12

Nov 11-17

 Mark 4:35-41
 Faith and Fear
 Study Guide 13

Nov 18-24

 Mark 5:1-20
 The Power of Jesus
 Study Guide 14

Nov 25-Dec 1

 Mark 5:21-43
 Jesus Cares
 Study Guide 15 

Reading plan & Study Guides- Part 2

Jan 6-12

  Mark 6:1-30
 The Freedom of Dependence
 Study Guide 16

Jan 13-19

  Mark 6:31-44
 Provision for Rest
 Study Guide 17

Jan 20-26

 Mark 6:45-56
 Walking on Water
 Study Guide 18

Jan 27-Feb 2

 Mark 7:1-23
 Traditions & Commandments
 Study Guide 19

Feb 3-9

 Mark 7:24-8:10
 The Nature of Sin
 Study Guide 20

Feb 10-16

 Mark 8:11-9:1
 The Sufficiency of Christ
 Study Guide 21

Feb 17-23

 Mark 9:2-50
 Teachings From Jesus
 Study Guide22

Feb 24-Mar 2

 Mark 10:1-52
 Discipleship on the Way
 Study Guide 23

Mar 3-9

 Mark 11:1-26
 The Temple Perfected
 Study Guide 24

Mar 10-16

 Mark 11:27-12:44
 The Power in Following
 Study Guide 25

Mar 17-23

 Mark 13:1-37
 The End of Time
 Study Guide 26

Mar 24-30

 Mark 14:1-25
 The Gospel and Suffering
 Study Guide 27

Mar 31-April 6

 Mark 14:26-72
 The Gospel and Suffering 2
 Study Guide 28

Apr 14-20

 Mark 15:21-39
 What Happened on the Cross?
 Study Guide 30

Apr 21-26

 Mark 16:1-8
 He is Risen!
 Study Guide 31



The Gospel of Mark is a carefully crafted story that gives an account of Jesus' life and addresses the question of whether or not He is the Jewish Messiah. In the first half, everyone questions who He is, the middle questions the disciples' belief about Him and the second half tells how He became the Messiah.

Many Jews hoped that the Messiah would overthrow the Romans and rule as king, but as we read this book, we see that He came as a servant to set up the kingdom of God on earth. While He is the Son of God, He also sacrificed His life to save people from slavery to sin.

Baptism of Jesus
John the Baptist, the messenger sent to prepare Israel for their Messiah and King, baptizes Jesus. God declares that Jesus is His son and the Messiah.
Ministry of Jesus
Jesus travels through Galilee introducing Himself to the people, forgiving sins and performing miracles as He shares the Old Testament story of God's rescue mission.
Disciples Questioned
Jesus asks his disciples if they believe He's the Messiah. He explains that He is a servant and will give His life to save many.
The Transfiguration
Jesus and three disciples ascend a mountain where God affirms Jesus as His son. The disciples are reminded that He will suffer to provide salvation.
Abrupt Ending
The Gospel of Mark is a story and ends abruptly and challenges us as readers to decide if we believe Jesus is the Messiah.