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November 3, 2017


The Law of Gospel Relationships:

Many of us are familiar with the 10 Commandments, but sometimes our understanding stops at basic familiarity. Do we know why God gave instructions to his people or why they apply to us? And, how does God’s wisdom show us how to worship him and love others today? Join us Sunday as we unpack the second half of the 10 Commandments as we journey through the exodus of God’s people from slavery to freedom.


Christmas Eve Survey

December 24, Christmas Eve, falls on Sunday this year. We plan to have three identical services: 9:00 AM, 10:45 AM and 5:00 PM. Would you take a moment to reply to this brief survey and let us know which of the three services you will most likely attend?


Shipping Opportunity

We have  1,100 Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes ready to be shipped to their God-given destination. The cost is $7.00 per box. You can help with the shipping by placing your gift in an offering envelope and mark it “OCC.”


Family Fall Fest

Thanks for being a part of touching our community with God’s love by serving at the Family Fall Fest last Saturday. It is alway a joy to see many new faces visit our campus. Pray their experience will linger and want to return.


Board nomination

 You may present names of potential board members between November 3-12, 2017. First step will be to read the Covenant for Board Member. Next, have the person you want to nominate read and complete the covenant form if they agree to being nominated. Ask them to drop the form in the box in the lobby.  


Praying for the Fuzzy Fall Retreat

This Friday our students will be heading to Iowa for our annual Fall Retreat.  The emphasis will be on the church; it’s history, importance, and function.  Would you please be in prayer for the following:

1. Safe travel and protection throughout the week.

2. Open hearts to the truths of the gospel and message being given.

3. A greater understanding and appreciation for the church with an increased desire to serve the body.

4. Relationships strengthened by realizing their common love for Jesus and need for each other.

5. Students will be excited and empowered to apply and live out what they have learned.


Briarcliff Village Lighting Ceremony

Again this year, we have the opportunity to connect with the community at the Briarcliff Village Lighting Ceremony, November 11, 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM. This is a great opportunity for us to serve as well as share with our community  our church ministries, Christmas Eve services, and more.  CLICK HERE to register to serve.






Student retreat - November 3-5

Briarcliff Village Lighting Ceremony - Nov 11

Lansing Christmas Banquet - December 8

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