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May 4, 2018

Greetings E-news Friends,

Encouraged. A study of 1 Peter

    We need more than IQ to make it in life. We need EQ (Emotional Intelligence)--the ability to know and get along with people.  How do you work with difficult and even hurtful people? In the next installment of 1 Peter we will find his words of encouragement to people in the midst of being reviled and persecuted. This is extremely important for followers of Christ today as our world becomes more anti-Christian. The good news is that we have a great opportunity to make a difference in our world by using the encouragement we find in 1 Peter. We look forward to worshiping with you this Sunday as we open words of encouragement.

Parent & Child Dedication

    Our next Parent & Child Dedication is planned for Mother's Day, Sunday, May 13th as part of our regular services. This dedication is designed for children birth to three years of age. Parent and Child Dedication is a commitment to raise your child in the ways of the Lord. Click here to learn more and register.

Overflow | Student Night

    Briarcliff Students is hosting a night of food, games and worship! We will meet at Briarcliff Church at 5:30 PM where we will eat pizza and play games before heading to RoKC. RoKC is a rock-climbing club where we will spend two hours with the students. After RoKC, the students will come back to Briarcliff Church for a night of worship. The night will conclude at 12:00AM.     

    The cost for this event per student is $10. Students can sign-up and pay online here. Please go to click here to fill out the student waiver for RoKC.

Personal Discipleship Plan (PDP)

   It is exciting to see how many of you have gone on line and completed the Personal Discipleship Plan inventory.  As Christians committed to pursuing discipleship, our desire should be to intentionally grow together as disciples (students) of Jesus Christ.  To better determine how to grow, we must first be honest about our current reality. We must ask the questions, "What type of disciple am I today?" and "How can I grow as a disciple?" The PDP will help identify areas of strength and growth and give direction in setting life-changing goals. If you have not completed the PDP, take the next step.

Food Collection

   Thanks for generously and faithfully bringing non-perishable items for those in need. This Sunday, May 6, is food collection day.  As you do your shopping, pick up some extra nonperishable items and bring them with you on Sunday.

Operation Christmas Child

    Briarcliff church has the privilege of packing 1,400 boxes for our Operation Christmas Child.    This is a great opportunity to share the Gospel with children around the world. Please save the date Saturday,  October 13, 2018 for the packing party. Here are other ways to participate.

  • Please begin bring in t-shirts that will be converted to jump ropes for the boxes.  If you would like to join the team that is making jump ropes, please click here.

  • Collection of items to fill 1,400 boxes include the following:  

           May– toothbrushes, washcloths, solid-colored shirts (Youth size S, M, L,)

           June– balls, matchbox cars, small toys

           July/August– School Supplies (pencils, erasers, pens, paper, scissors)

  • Pray that God will begin working in the life of each child receiving a shoe box and that we will have an abundance of items needed to pack the 1400 boxes.  




Food Collection - May 6th

Overflow | Student Night - May 11th

Parent & Child Dedication - May 13

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