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May 10, 2019

Greetings E-news Friends,  

This Sunday 
How do you pray when facing difficult times? What do you do when you feel like you have lost your way? This Sunday we will unpack David’s prayer in Psalm 25 when he faced some very uncertain days. It will be like looking into his prayer journal and seeing what he wrote as his prayer. You will find this very encouraging and helpful in guiding you in praying. If you missed last Sunday on Psalm 23, open it here.  

To follow up on the message this Sunday, read Psalm 25 each day next week. Then use the prayer guide to focus on just one verse each day. Let it guide you to greater depths of praying. You can find the prayer guide here.  

Mother’s Day
This Sunday is Mother’s Day. It’s a great day to honor the influence of our moms. In a recent survey, I noticed the overwhelming influence mothers have made on us. According to the survey, our moms are the major influence on our early understanding of God, the bible, the need for church, and prayer. Make every effort to join your mother in worship at Briarcliff this Sunday.  

Prayer Breakfast  
Our next prayer Breakfast will be May 18th. This is a critical part of our church and our lives. Here is why. E. Stanley Jones says it well. “In prayer you align yourselves to the purpose and power of God and He is able to do things through you that He couldn’t do otherwise. For this is an open universe, where some things are left open, contingent upon our doing them. If we do not do them, they will never be done. For God has left certain things open to prayer—things which will never be done except as we pray.”  Let’s not miss anything God has to say or do in our lives. Sign up here

Night of Worship                                                                                    Mark your calendars for a night of worship on Sunday evening, June 9th at 6:00 PM. Our worship team will be joined by worship leader and musician John Brewer for a unique and unforgettable evening of worship, prayer and community as we walk out the teaching of Praying the Psalms. 

As the school year comes to an end, the excitement for being in a new grade begins. Briarcliff’s Next Generation Ministries will promote to the next grade on Sunday August 18th. Children and students will remain in their current grade level until then. For those transitioning from Briarcliff Kids to Briarcliff Students, information will be sent about opportunities to join the students for certain events this Summer. 


Prayer Breakfast – May 18th  

Parent& Child Dedication – 1st Service, May 19th  

High School Senior Recognition – 2nd Service, May 19th  

Worship Night – June 9th  

Discover Your Design – June 9th and 16th  

Next Gen Promotion Day – August 18th  

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