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June 28, 2019

Greetings E-news Friends,  

This Sunday 
Do you tend to underestimate yourself? Jesus told a story about the master who gave talents—to one he gave 5, to another he gave 2 and the 3rd person he gave only one. Do you feel like a one-talent person? He underestimated the power of that one talent and did nothing with it. Do you remember the master’s response? He called him wicked and took the one talent from him. The two stories we will unpack this Sunday teaches us the power of just a little when God is in it. The story of the mustard seed and the leaven reveals the power of God’s Kingdom at work no matter how small the beginning. The truth of these two stories will inspire and challenge you. It will change your tendency to underestimate yourself. Don’t miss it. Bring a friend. They will thank you for it.  

Exploring Faith  
One of the greatest opportunities in life is helping a friend explore faith and become a believer, but many feel ill-equipped for the task. Fear grips them with the thought of not knowing how to deal with their friend’s questions. On Sunday mornings, July 28, August 11 and 25 (at 9:00 AM or 10:45 AM) you will have the opportunity to join with others in sessions specifically designed for believers. One of the goals of this class is to prepare you for the bringing of an unchurched friend to a new session of Exploring Faith this fall. This experience could be an excellent learning opportunity for your entire small group. REGISTER NOW to be a part of this Exploring Faith event.  

Parenting Conference
The Next Generation ministries are very excited to announce our first parenting conference. You won’t want to miss this great opportunity to learn to parent your child’s heart and not just their behavior. Save the date for our two-day parenting conference, September 12-13. REGISTER HERE.  

Vision of the Ministries at Briarcliff Church
Beginning this Sunday, each week we will provide a handout with the vision of one of Briarcliff Church’s ministries and a prayer guide to use throughout the week for that ministry. This week we will begin with our Briarcliff Students Ministry.  

Vision of Briarcliff Students
The vision of our Briarcliff Students is to see students love Jesus deeply, know what it means to follow him, and serve the local church and their community. We achieve this vision by partnering with parents to make disciples. 

This prayer guide will help you spend time each day in praying specifically for this ministry. Please pray for: 

  • The students who attended Camp Revolution 2019 will have a renewed passion for Christ. 

  • The transition of seniors into our college ministry. 

  • The transition of fifth graders into Briarcliff Students. 

  • God's wisdom for the leadership of Briarcliff Church to make decisions for the future of Briarcliff Students. 

  • Doors would be open for Briarcliff Students to gain more ground in their involvement with schools in our community. 

Added security for our Next Generation Ministries                                                  This Sunday, you will notice new security walls being installed on the first and second floors. We are being proactive in providing a safe environment for our Next Generation Ministries within these areas. Starting on Promotion Day, August 18th, the entrance into these areas will be limited. More information on all the details will be given in advance of August 18th. 


Exploring Faith – July 28th, August 11th and 25th at 9:00AM or 10:45 AM 

Next Gen Promotion Day – August 18th 

Parenting Conference – September 12th-13th 

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