Briarcliff KIDS Weekly @ Home Lesson

October 25 | Unit 26 | Session 4

Title | Jesus was Arrested

Bible Passage | Matthew 26-27



MEMORY VERSE | Philippians 2:8

He humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even to death on a cross.
*Preschool: Bold words only


Jesus went to a garden to pray. Peter, James, and John went with Him. Jesus asked them to stay awake as He prayed. Jesus was very sad. Jesus knew it was time for Him to die on the cross to rescue us. Jesus prayed, “Father! If it is possible, do not let this happen. But I want to do Your plan.” Jesus prayed this three times. Then Jesus went back to His friends, but they were asleep! Jesus woke up the friends. Judas was coming, and Judas brought people with him. Judas kissed Jesus and said, “Hello, Teacher!” Then the people grabbed Jesus to take Him away. Jesus’ friends ran away. Jesus said, “This is happening like God said it would.”

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Family activities:

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Story Point
Jesus died to rescue us.

Shake Chains
Provide a few teething links and loop them to make bracelets. Help your baby shake the links to make them clink. You may also wrap them around objects for your baby to remove. Talk about the Bible story.

Say • People arrested Jesus, but He did nothing wrong. Jesus said everything happened as God planned. Jesus died to rescue us.


Story Point
Jesus died to rescue us.

Sleep and Wake Up
Guide your toddler to lie down on the floor and close their eyes while you pray. Consider praying Scripture, such as Psalm 115:15, over them. You can lay with them and make it exciting to mimic what you are doing. When you finish praying, tell toddlers to wake up. Repeat three times. Then retell the Bible story.

Say • Jesus went to a garden to pray, but His friends could not stay awake! Then people arrested Jesus, but He did nothing wrong. Jesus said everything happened as God planned. Jesus died to rescue us.



Story Point
Jesus was arrested though He did nothing wrong.

Make Leaf Rubbings
Place copy paper, unwrapped crayons, magnifying glasses, and leaves on a table. Turn over the leaves and use a magnifying glass to show your child the veining on the back. If you do not have a magnifying glass, guide them to look closely. Lay a piece of paper over a facedown leaf. Invite a child to rub the side of a crayon over the paper to reveal the leaf underneath. Repeat with different leaves. Write the story point on each child's artwork.

Say • Jesus went to a garden with His friends to pray. He knew that His disciples would leave Him and that Peter would even deny knowing Him. Jesus knew that it was time for Him to do God’s plan to rescue God’s people from sin. What did Jesus do to save us? Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead.

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Story Point
Jesus allowed His enemies to arrest Him.

Paper Chains
Help your kids make paper chains by connecting looped strips of paper together like links. Provide time for kids to slip their hands into the links at the ends of their chains to pretend they are handcuffs. Allow the kids to break free of their chains if they wish.

Say • If you are actually going to arrest someone, you need much stronger chains than these! Today we heard about a time Jesus was arrested. Jesus is God’s Son, so the only way any chains could hold Him is if He allowed it to happen. Why would Jesus allow His enemies to arrest Him? Help kids recognize that Jesus could have chosen not to be arrested. He is all-powerful. His enemies did not trap Him or catch Him. He willingly allowed them to arrest Him out of His humility and obedience to the Father. Because of His love for us, He laid down His life. (optional read John 15:13)

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Jesus’ Crucifixion| Matthew 26–27; John 18–19

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